Aga Zapora – PLANNERKA

Educated graphic designer, passionate about planning. Wife and mother of two children. Warsaw resident. Charming woman with a beautiful smile. Aga is involved in planning and realization of a big and small goals. She speaks of herself: „Tamer of the daily schedule”. She plans and does everything from cleaning the apartment to her own business.

The author of the blog: Her self-discipline and ability to develop new, effective habits is really amazing. She knows how to go through a chaotic 2-3 day planning to go bigger, to become a strategic planner. How to make your dreams come true. Aga impresses us very much. We want to be like Aga. Aga’s motto: Planning is taking care of yourself and about what you want to accomplish.

Aga. Describe your day. How do you spend your ordinary Tuesday or Thursday? Do you really plan every quarter of an hour?

My ordinary working day starts with a wake up at 5 am. I drink a glass of water, make coffee, and at that time it gives me great pleasure to watch the nature outside my window in peace. In the summer I just gaze through my large window and absorb the nature. I have a lot of inspirations in the mornings, so I sit down to design and write down new ideas right away.

From 6.30 am I make breakfast, I wake up my kids, prepare them and myself to go out. On the way to their school we chat about what we are grateful for and what are our plans for the upcoming day. When I get back home – for a few minutes I’m tidying my apartment and then I sit down to work. I take breaks regularly and order myself to go away from my desk. In that short breaks I throw a laundry, I have a cup of tea or go out to the balcony and look at the street. In the afternoon when kids return from school, I do homework with them and we talk. Then my kids deal with their affairs alone, so I have a short while to work again and plan the next day. When my husband gets back from work – we have dinner together, go for a walk, then we clean up a bit and prepare supper. When children fall asleep – sometimes I work for while on my projects or just read. Usually at 9.00 pm I fall asleep. I don’t always have a quarter of a day planned – but it’s so rare. In that situations I am confused and I work less effectively, and it is harder for me to estimate whether I am able to fulfill my obligations or not. It is also harder to secure time for the regeneration. That’s why I do not like those days. Planning is not “pushing” the work. Planning is about taking care of yourself.

How did you figure out what you want to do in your life? When did you feel that planning is your passion and that you want to share that knowledge?

As for the form of my business activity – my own company – it was three years after graduation and after two jobs I knew I wanted to act as an entrepreneur. As for the Planner – after ten years of running my own business, I have asked myself a few questions about my deep desires and passions, and I decided to plan something more strategically. My love to plan and design sheets came out after asking a few specific questions, which I am writing on the blog ( It was a matter of deep listening of yourself. For me it’s the essence of planning. I share this knowledge because I know how it has changed my life, and I know how long I’ve been looking for it.

What do you do when you only have time for yourself? Do you have your favorite methods for taking care of your physical and mental health? What gives you strength?

I play tennis. I really walk a lot and I have a workout once-twice a week. I drink a lot of water. My strength comes from my working at dawns. For me, it is a form of meditation – concentration, or just releasing of thoughts, in absolute silence when everyone else is asleep. I need to start my everyday routine that way.

Feedback from people I write and talk to give me power. It’s a real sign that I have helped somebody, inspired something, it’s a real energy bomb. I have also reinforcement from my friends, close women, my husband and family. Exchanging ideas and inspiration with someone who has similar thoughts and concerns is also very supportive.
I love to work when I travel. And … nature is crucial to me, although I did not realize it before. Listening, watching, and working with nature is important for me.

Can resting be planned? Do you have any tips for people being constantly in rush?

The most important thing is to schedule time for the free time. So we would know that it’s only for our needs and for what we want to do for a 100%.

To people who are always rushing I’d like to say that it is worth taking a break from time to time, and take care of yourself, ask yourself, in peace, a few caring questions. Is it still fun to do what I do? What do I want to do in a few years? Next year? What would I like to achieve by the next quarter? Month? Week? Do I have any desires, which I still put off because of … everyday life?
Take care of yourself.

Aga. We are glad we met you

Photos: Tomasz Kowalczyk

For those who would like to change something but are still putting off their dreams or plans for later – Aga has created a workbook that will help stop postponing and getting ready for the realization of desires. You can download it for free – on her website .