Kinga Dybek – graphic designer. She creates designs for bikes, snowboards and longboards.

She is living in Cracow. She’s just popping up her brand of Galloop, which she will conquer the world by designing graphics for bicycles, skateboards and snowboards. Sport addict. Loves to design. She constantly learns something new. A careful observer of the surrounding world. Mother of Helena one and a half years old.

Kinga has designed our logo. Working with her was a pure pleasure because she listens and gives hints. Proposes unconventional solutions. We are very happy with the project and we are very pleased that she loves to wear our kimonos.

Kinga we love your motto „I design for sport”. Tell us the story of your idea to design graphics on bikes, skateboards and snowboards.

I love graphic designing more than anything in my life and additionally sport is my passion. With a great pleasure, I get on a bike and swing on a snowboard. My designing for sport was born a few years ago. It was so unreal that I did not take it seriously. Only a few months ago I took the challenge and dared to think about creating my own brand. I was motivated by my daughter’s birth. When Helena was born I quit my job for a year. I had exchanged my bike and snowboard for a baby trolley. I slowed down the pace of my walk. I got quickly bored by the neighbourhood park. Then I realized that I could not live without sport. That’s why I packed my backpack and got off with my daughter in the Bieszczady Mountains. I remember it was a beautiful day. My ten months old daughter was sleeping on my back. And I wandered along the forest path covered with lush blackberry bushes. The forest smelled wickedly, the birds sang. Suddenly I froze in my tracks. The thought came to me in one second. Oh wow, I thought, I’m sport maniac and I happen to be a great graphic designer. It’s so simple! I will join my beloved work with passion. I will design for sport! This is the story of Galloop.

How the design process looks like? Is it full of spontaneous or tedious work? How does one get into the idea? It must be difficult, because it is said that everything was already done.

Working on a new project is a great fun for me. Sometimes it is as calm as a sunny alley ride on a comfortable urban bike. Sometimes dynamic like a fast downhill ride on a snowboard. Sports graphics are a specific field of design. It’s like clothes. Well-tailored highlights the advantages of a bicycle frame, skateboards and snowboards. Badly designed spoils the silhouette. That is why each of my project is carefully thought out – tailored made. I like to be spontaneous in the phase of inspiration and ideas. I carefully study the shape of the frame or the board. I’m thinking about the concept. I sit down at the desk and sketch. The best projects I carefully draw up in graphic programs. This is how the final graphics is being created.

I am fascinated by my work. It is me who give the appearance, emphasize the character and personality of my project. I draw inspiration from the environment. I am habitual observer of everything that surrounds me and I am processing it in my head. I invent forms, draw shapes, choose colors. I am open to new ideas. I have a nose for trends. I like experimenting. That is why I treat every project as a challenge.

Like every mother you are probably extremely busy. What are your ways to take care of yourself?

The best way I know is tai chi practice. They say it is meditation in motion. Regular training makes me connected with my own body and mind. Good physical form makes me feel good. Exercising is relaxing for me that’s why I ride on the bike every day. In the morning to work and in the afternoon with my daughter on our way home from her kindergarten. In winter I ride on a snowboard. I ride with Hela. I’m on board, she’s sledging with her dad. Two years ago I fell in love with a longboard. I lived in Barcelona at the time. Every day I watched the lucky fellows who drove on the seafront on four wheels. I was so fond of it. Therefore, in the near future I plan to learn how to ride on a longboard.
I am ambitious. I like to learn new things and exceed my own limitations. New knowledge gives me the feeling that I care about my development, also the professional one. So, a year ago I enrolled in a Flying School for Women (Latająca Szkoła dla Kobiet). This is an unconventional business school where I enthusiastically and sincerely fulfill my dream – I develop my own graphic brand. Making your dreams come true is a great way to take care of yourself.

Do you have any other hobbies? How do you like spend your free time?

Every free moment I spend outdoors. Contact with nature relaxes me. I’m sitting on a meadow immersed in waving grass, listening to the humming noise of the rapid mountain river or dipping my feet in the warm sand and looking at the calm blue sea. I feel that I’m part of the nature. Feeling free. In such moments I take a sketchbook. I draw to remember that beautiful moments.
I love beautiful landscapes. Intense color combinations. New places that widen horizons. Unknown smells and flavors. That’s why I like to travel. I feel like I would jumped out of a drawer with the label ‘Europe / Poland / Krakow’. I discover the world, gather inspiration and take a distance to my life. From the trips I bring beautiful books. I like to read and watch them. A beautiful graphic design, thoughtful and surprising content draw my attention and make the book a little piece of art and my most precious memento from the trip.

How to choose urban bike, which you fall in love with?

Bike is a lifestyle. Like the owner it has its own character. Properly selected emphasizes the unique personality. Therefore, before you buy an urban bike, you should ask yourself three important questions. First – think about what your type is. Do you prefer a slender, gentle Dutch bicycle or a grown-up American cruiser? Traditional vintage or modern design? Second – what is your lifestyle. Are you fast as flashing lightning or are you living in slow tempo? Do you like sharp colors that stand out from the crowd, or subdued, inconspicuous hues? Third – where are you going? To work, shopping or outside the city and the park?
With this list you can start searching for the right bike. Regardless of the answer, remember that cycling is not just a means of transportation. It’s an extension of your personal, unique your style.

Thank you very much for your time and we wish you the best of luck!