During the process of creating „of HABIT”, we meet a lot of interesting women. Many of them are inspirational for us. They share their tales with us and we share them with you. We also share with them the story of „of HABIT”, so in the photos you will see them in our kimonos.


Aga Zapora

Aga Zapora – PLANNERKA Educated graphic designer, passionate about planning. Wife and mother of two children. Warsaw resident. Charming woman with a beautiful smile. Aga is involved in planning and realization of a big and small goals. She speaks of herself: „Tamer of the daily schedule”. She plans and does everything from cleaning the apartment […]


Kinga Dybek

Kinga Dybek – graphic designer. She creates designs for bikes, snowboards and longboards.  She is living in Cracow. She’s just popping up her brand of Galloop, which she will conquer the world by designing graphics for bicycles, skateboards and snowboards. Sport addict. Loves to design. She constantly learns something new. A careful observer of the surrounding world. Mother of […]